There have been a few incarnations of Bohemian
Path Tarot over the years. But my mission has
always been to inspire and aide the evolutionary
process using Tarot archetypes to uncover a
joyful path back to the limitless self.

You can find out a little more about me and my
Tarot credentials on the
About page. I post
regularly over on the
blog.  I am building more
foundational content on this site - my Tarot
philosophies and educational articles, printables,
videos are coming soon. And booking
information for readings and appearances are
coming in the next week!

Whether you are a Tarot newbie or a
regular practitioner, I hope you find a bit of
inspiration for your journey. Namaste
The Two of Cups from
You got here just in time for
little reconstruction on the site

Bohemian Path Tarot has been
on-line for 10 years, so she's
overdue for a little pampering.
The King of Cups