Sample Reading
One Card Reading: Climbing the Ladder
Question: What is the next career rung to climb?
The Emperor reversed:

Whoa.  There is unfinished business here.  I’m sorry to have to say it, but
this card suggests that there are projects that need to be tied up before you
move forward in a new direction.  It seems as though you started building
an empire…and now are suddenly looking for other pastures.  

In his natural state, the Emperor is a visionary and a builder.  He is a
powerful man with big ideas and the gumption to make them reality.  In
your case, he has appeared reversed (he landed upside-down) which tells
us that he isn’t making those dreams happen.  Not because he doesn’t have
the power or the connections to do so, mind you.  For some reason, this
powerful , creative, Force-To-Be-Reckoned-With is trying to walk away
from what he started.

No matter what your gender, you are this Emperor.  You are looking to
make an impact on the world, but want to do it in a new way.   The path is
actually behind you, it is in something you started a long time ago but
hasn’t reaped the benefits you had expected.

There is also a suggestion here that you may doubt your ability to
complete your original vision.   You may have hit a rough patch that
became so frustrating that you decided to move on.  It’s likely that you are
loudly blaming the market or other external forces for the apparent
failure, when in truth, you have lost faith in yourself.  It’s also possible that
there is an issue from childhood that is blocking you – old messages
regarding worth and relationship to success keep replaying in the
background of your mind, and they keep getting louder and louder....  

Please know that nobody blames you for the frustration – I completely
trust that you have been incredibly challenged with regard to your vision,
and you have fought the good fight for a long, long time.   I know you are
tired.  But you are here for a reason.  It’s time to get back on track.

Advice?  It’s not time to move forward with new endeavors.  It’s time to
complete the tasks that have been abandoned.  Stick with the old vision.  
That is your path.
The Emperor reversed
from the Original Pamela Coleman Smith design