Sample Reading
Three Card Reading
Question: What do I need to know for success on the job hunt?
King of Cups reversed:

Up to this point, you have felt disconnected from your work.  Your job has been a disheartening and
dis-empowering endeavor.  Your natural skills have been suppressed in order to survive the environment,
which has left you drained, joyless, and pretty crabby.  Your relationship with your employers and
coworkers have been frustrating if not downright toxic.  Instead of being a productive and sensitive leader,
you have become an ineffective, moody lump.  You know in your heart of hearts that you could do better,
but because you feel blocked from utilizing your unique talents, you no longer bother to even try.
King of Cups
Ace of Cups
Ten of Pentacles
Ace of Cups:

You need to be connected to the work you do.  You aren't the kind of person who can punch a time card and
be a drone - you have too much to give.  Your talents would be best activated in a position that calls for
connection and service to other people, one that allows you to employ your intuitive people skills, personal
inspiration and gentle creativity.  It's time for you to find soulful work, to embrace the notion that you can
do work that feeds your spirit as well as your belly.  Suggestions for employment from the Ace of Cups
include: healing endeavors (nursing, massage, etc), beautifying occupations (manicurist, make-up artist,
etc) spiritual work (priesthood, channeling, shamanistic coaching, etc).   Find your vocation by seeking out
opportunities that allow you to connect with people to help them draw out their brightest, best selves.  By
serving others' evolution, you will do the same for yourself.  Pay attention to those jobs that give you that
love-tickle in your stomach, you will find the greatest success there.
Ten of Pentacles:

If you follow the advice of the Ace of Cups, this card says that you will find fulfillment.  The Ten of Pentacles
is a card of security, and not just financially.  By seeking out employment that delights your soul, you will
not only pay your bills, but discover that work can be fully engaging.  You can give to your job in a way that
actually recharges you at the same time.  By helping others feel good about themselves, you will find the
validation and security you have been seeking.  And you will find an environment full of like-minded people
who feel a lot like family.