Sample Reading
Four Card Reading: Weekly Weather
Question: What am I learning this week?
Overall Lesson
Four of Cups:

This week you'll find yourself feeling discontented - specifically with regard to your worth.  Due to the lack of
connection and growth earlier in the week then followed by a loss, you almost can help but wonder what you
are here for and why you can't find your place, why you can't find connection and recognition.  Part of the
problem is that the lack of external validation is weighing heavily - but do you really want to be the kind of
person who's sense of well-being is utterly dependent on having a constantly applauding audience?  You'll find
later in the week  when you plug into your love and do what you do for your own pleasure that then (and only
then!) will you receive the recognition you were lacking earlier in the week.  
Ironic?  Life is full of delicious irony.
First This:
The Emperor
Then This:
Three of Swords
Moving to This:
Eight of Pentacles
First This
The Emperor (reversed):

The Emperor is all about building your empire and expanding your territory, so when he's reversed like he is this
week, you may find that your efforts to grow your business are stunted.  This is a temporary condition, blame
the holiday week - folks here in the US are roasting turkeys, not wheeling and dealing.  However, you have really
good ideas the first part of the week so take notes.  This isn't a week for action, this is a week for planning.  Go
back and clean up your email database or prepare your next newsletter or reorganize your files or pick up that
new software you've been meaning to get or clarify your mission statement.  (See the pattern?)  There's plenty to
do, empire-wise, it's just that this is time to focus on the behind the scenes stuff.  I promise, this "lull'" is going to
turn around quick so you'll want to be prepared.
Then This
Three of Swords:

This is an ending.  Perhaps a client resigns your services or your landlord serves notice...or maybe a beau
decides to move on (or vice versa).  This is not a big shocker - you kind of knew this was coming.  You don't
really want to have to say goodbye, but part of you knows that this is for the best.  This was one of those
situations that served your growth for a time, but now...not so much.  It's done.  It is no longer a good fit.  Go
ahead and feel whatever you feel in response to this ending, but never forget that now that it's gone it makes
room for something better to move in.  (It's a cliche, I know, but cliches come from truth.)  
Moving to This
Eight of Pentacles:

This Eight is all about being passionate about your work.  You know when you are so engaged with a project
that you lose time?   Hours fly by, you forget to take a lunchbreak.  When you do what you love and love what
you do you can become ridiculously productive.

Now, remember earlier in the week when you felt chock-a-block with the reversed Emperor?  This is turn around
time.   New business comes for you.  You are seen as someone who is an expert in their field and completely
capable of producing beautiful things.  Whether you make widgets or write latin limericks or train gerbils, the
word is out about your mastery in this area, and folks come to you with fists full of dollars.  If you spent the
Emperor-reversed time getting your workroom organized, the Eight of Pentacles is your payoff.  Lots of orders
for you to do what you love.  
Overall Lesson:
Four of Cups
This is a reading I perform for myself every week - after I update your Tarotscopes, actually!  I find it as useful as a
weather report - it shows me my upcoming moods resulting from likely experiences which allows me to be prepared for
my weekly adventures.  I can grab my emotional umbrella, if you will, and put on my metaphorical galoshes.  The first
three cards in the spread are the "weather" cards as they move through the week -
First This is Monday/Tuesday,
Then This is Wednesday/Thursday-ish, Moving to This is the end of the week.  The Overall Lesson card is just that -
it illustrates the lesson/attitude that I am exploring.  Interestingly, sometimes my lesson is a conscious choice -
something I am working on improving - but sometimes it's a curious gift from the Powers That Be...
Card Images are from the Hanson Roberts Tarot