Jennifer...has a rare mixture of critical thinking and positive
belief that makes a most excellent Tarot reader. Her manner
will put you very much at ease, and you always feel that she is
working with you to see the best possible outcome and that she
is on your side. Not only that, but her clairvoyant abilities are
quite excellent, and her knowledge base of Tarot is
unsurpassed.  In short: she is the real deal, knows her stuff, and
is able to communicate it in a way that both tunes you into
reality and gives you hope.

Lia Salciccia, Therapist
(Received personal reading)
For personal readings...
For special events...
I just wanted to let you know that you were a hit with the
guests !!  Everyone loved you!  They loved the positive
energy you had which translated into the readings.

Adrienne J.
(Baby shower hostess)
For Tarot classes...
Jen is an awesome teacher.  This class is great for any beginner
who has a curious interest or is just starting to embark on serious
study of the Tarot.

Kenton Bymaster
The Crash Course)
The best way to learn the Tarot!

The Crash Course)
Four of Wands
from the Golden Tarot
Published by US Games 2003
...Just to say you were scarily accurate last time, pretty

Hannah M.
(Received personal reading)
Queen of Rods (Wands)
from the Aquarian Tarot
Published by US Games 1988